Pheromones Better Gay Living Through Chemistry


or many years, scientists have known that much of the animal and insect world communicate through the use of pheromones. Pheromones are unique indicators of mood or intent that are passed from one member of a select species to another, often through the sense of smell. In humans, our noses intercept and interpret these pheromones – which can indicate anything from sexual desire to aggression.

Private companies have vigorously researched this phenomenon for years and have made breakthroughs in synthetic pheromone technology. Scientists have successfully isolated pheromones that indicate sexual desire in the human female. The interesting thing was that the research also has shown the same pheromone is released by homosexual men in search of a partner. Even though homosexual men release this pheromone they are attracted and excited by what would be considered the pheromones of heterosexual men. As demonstrated by brain scans that show the parts of the brain that react to different pheromones.

This research has allowed for the creation of new and more useful products. A whole host of patented chemical breakthroughs allows wearers of these various pheromone-containing products to effectively attract potential suitors without saying a word, and this does not even touch the newly discovered health benefits that have been discovered.

Due to the above mentioned research many of these new formulations are specifically designed for homosexual men. These Gay pheromones can be discreetly blended with shaving cream or aftershave and they give their wearer the edge in a crowded room. Amazing advances in pheromone technology are being uncovered on a daily basis!

Pheromones are giving a brand new meaning to the phrase better living through chemistry! Or should that be, Better gay living through chemistry.

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